About Us

Welcome to Howling Sow Studio. We’re a boutique audio-video facility located in Oak Park, IL. We offer a variety of services, but we specialize in location video production, media editing, and music production.

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More About Howling Sow

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Studio & Location

Howling Sow has been producing content in the field for decades.

Music Recording

& Production
Howling Sow Studio offers a unique complement of audio recording services.

Media Editing

& Production
Editing is all about understanding and delivering the message.

Family Programs

& Preserving Memories
Welcoming the opportunity to help friends and neighbors preserve their family memories.

DVD Authoring

& Production
Offering creative, full-featured DVD authoring services at affordable prices.

Howling Sow Sound Booth

Make a difference with quality sound

You can't do top caliber work without top caliber gear. You'll find some of the industry's best components at work on your project at Howling Sow!

Equipment We Use