Happy Customers

Howling Sow receives a 10 in my book. I have collaborated with Bill since the late 90's because he is always willing to try the "new". He listens, he works to understand our needs, and then does what it takes to meet our goal. How often can we say that today about other organizations be they stores, restaurants, or other businesses. Bill is All Star material.

Antonio Castillo, Fellowes, Inc. Itasca, IL,

"Sometimes you know what you want, sometimes you don't. I'm paraphrasing an old candy bar jingle but that's how I feel about videos. Every so often, the script, the shots, the music, the message all come together. But when they don't, you can count on Bill and his team to guide and elevate your project. Plus, they make it fun, deliver on time and add value that's not available just anywhere. And when you're done, maybe you'll even get a Mounds or Almond Joy to celebrate!"

John Edmundson, Principal, InterEdge Marketing,

"Howling Sow has helped us with everything from small video editing to more complex video post production projects, which can include voice-overs, captioning, special effects, image transitioning and creating a new video from multiple video resources. Every time the work is done quickly and professionally."

Bill Creighton, Stillwater Creative Group, Oak Park, IL

"Bill is the consummate professional. We depend on him for his flexibility and ability to deliver high-quality work even under the tightest deadlines."

Rachel O. Williams, General Manager, Candleberrie Creative