Music Recording and Production

Howling Sow Studio offers a unique complement of audio recording services.

“The Sow” is an excellent project studio for composers and musicians to record their performances. Then, produce their recordings utilizing audio and MIDI integration. Howling Sow continuously upgrades their recording hardware as well as their sample library. Superior industry standard microphones, preamps, and effects, as well as thousands of virtual instruments are at your disposal at the Sow. Shape and revise your musical creation from conception to completion.

Secondly, the Sow offers not only 30 years of studio engineering, we also offer expertise in scoring and arranging. Need help with arranging and producing a string quartet for a beautiful ballad you just wrote? Look no further. We’ve been scoring musical accompaniment for decades.

Thirdly, Howling Sow Studio can produce music for your video, commercial or film, big or small. We’re well versed in audio/video synchronization, and have a large library of sound effects and musical content.

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Conduct a Virtual Orchestra at Howling Sow. Click the video to see how!

Additionally, check out some sample scores we produced as an exercise for the film, “Benjamin Button”.

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